About Our Providers

A little something about ourselves

Amanda J. Olson MS, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Therapist
National Certified Counselor

In my years of experience, I have worked with hundreds of patients from all walks of life. This has provided me with a deep insight and a practical view of the problems the people are facing in their contemporary times, with regards to their professional and personal life. Whether it is depression due to lack of respect and recognition at work, death of a close family member, emotional distress due to separation, relationship concerns, hypersensitivity, obsessive compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, human sexuality, loss of job, or just any other issues that is affecting your mental health negatively my service would be beneficial.

My main approach when working with my clients is a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy with trauma-informed care. This collectively helps in bringing that much-needed mind, body, soul and spirit balance, regardless of what kind of psychological challenges you are facing. I aim to help my clients' revive themselves from the current positions in their lives and channel their negative energy away in a well-coordinated manner. It helps reach the much-needed harmony into their lives and infuses positivity.

Born and raised in Iowa, it only made sense to continue my private practice in Iowa as well. I completed my Master in Science degree in Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Crisis and Trauma Interventions from Walden University in 2013. I also hold my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Religion with minors in Communication Arts, Women's Studies and Leadership Development from Wartburg College, Iowa in 2008. Through all my years of experience, I have developed a unique combination of interpersonal psychoanalysis, mind-body stimulation and cognitive behavioral techniques, which equips me to diagnose and treat my clients in a detailed manner. It is my goal to be a transitory partner with you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery. However, it is ultimately you who dictates your direction, future and experience.

Murphy CTD

Certified Therapy Dog

Murphy, CTD a youthful black Labrador Retriever, joined with Amanda in May 2016 as a re-careered service dog in training from the Puppy Jake Foundation in Des Moines, Iowa. The Puppy Jake Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to help wounded military veterans with the assistance of well-bred and professionally trained PTSD service dogs.

Since his infancy, Murphy was part of the Puppy Jake training program. Upon hitting his one-year birthday, Murphy had learned may important skills such as basic canine training, temperament testing and other extensive skills required for service animal work. In a few areas, however, Murphy continued to score average than the expected high standards set forth service dog certification. Overall, Murphy’s personality leaned more towards human interaction and play than extensive work and attention. Thus, the Puppy Jake Foundation felt Murphy would be a perfect fit as a therapy dog and they were right! Murphy’s training and loveable personality has been a seamless fit into the mental health therapy field!

If a client meets qualifications for AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy), Murphy is welcome to join in the therapy session with the client. The goal of AAT is to improve a client’s social, emotional or cognitive functioning. Interacting with an animal in a therapy session can enhance a client's experience of therapy and provide a different way to acquire and improve important life skills. Research has shown that individuals who experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, autism-related issues, dementia, mental disorders, chronic diseases and neurological disorders can be effectively treated with the help of an animal.

In Murphy’s spare time he enjoys playing outside, running, chewing on bones, and belly rubs. He also enjoys meeting new people, giving “puppy kisses” and exploring his surroundings. If you happen to see Murphy around, feel free to come up and meet him! He loves to say Hi!

Tamera Frederick BA, BSN, CADAC

Registered Nurse
Certified Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor

Tamera Frederick has worked in the mental health field for over 35 years. Tamera holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Buena Vista University as well as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Iowa. Tamera’s years as a mental health Registered Nurse (RN) allowed her optimal opportunities to work in many facets of the mental health field, such as inpatient mental health, outpatient services, and community mental health. In addition, Tamera has worked as a study coordinator for clinical drug trials for the University of Texas, Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas and has held a certification in mental health nursing. More recently, Tamera’s focus has been in the field of substance abuse.

Tamera earned her certification in Substance Abuse and Addictions (CADAC) in 2013, and since that time has facilitated Intensive Outpatient and Extended Outpatient groups as well provided Individual counseling. Tamera is currently co-facilitating IDAP, the Iowa Domestic Assault Program in coordination with the Iowa Department of Corrections. She also is a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC). Currently, Tamera is attending Walden University for her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

In her free time, Tamera enjoys gardening, reading, taking walks, and spending time with her grandchildren and grand-puppies.

Madison Garst t-LMHC, NCC

Temporary Licensed Mental Health Counselor
National Certified Counselor

Madison Garst is a native of Iowa. Madison holds a Master of Arts degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Human Services from Buena Vista University. Madison has experience working with clients on trauma, sexual assault, self-esteem, adjustment issues, substance abuse, boundary setting, stress management, depression, and anxiety.

In her own words: "It’s an ongoing privilege to empower individuals to overcome personal obstacles from the bumpy chapters of their life. It is my goal to assist clients in bringing about change, healing, growth, and acceptance in their lives. I also believe that knowledge is a powerful transformative tool, which is why I incorporate bibliotherapy and psychoeducation in my therapy sessions along with cognitive behavioral therapy. You will have the autonomy to direct your own treatment because the outcome is in your hands.”

Amy Ondler, LMSW

Temporary Licensed Masters Social Worker

Amy Ondler is a native to Northwest Iowa and has been working in the mental health field for the last 12 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Simmons School of Social Work and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Northwestern College. Amy has experience providing therapy to various populations including but not limited to children, families, parents, adults and couples. From her 12 years of service in the field, Amy has gathered insight in working with individuals during any walk of life, dealing with various difficulties including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, trauma, challenging behaviors, intimacy, marital complications, low self-esteem, difficulty with emotional regulation, etc. When asked what specific population Amy enjoys working with most she stated “My passion is helping those in need, walking alongside them in order to aid them towards a more hopeful future. For this reason, I enjoy meeting and working with individuals from all walks of life. In my opinion, the beginning of the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important moments. It is one of my favorites because it is a moment when I can meet each individual exactly where they are and determine a plan to help them make steps towards the desired outcome they are hoping for.”

Throughout her various years in the field Amy has been trained in multiple modalities including but not limited to: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Seeking Safety, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Along with these modalities, Amy is trained in various interventions such as emotion regulation, feelings identification, marital reconciliation, and challenging behavior modification programs.

Amy has been working with Champion for the last two years and recently opened our new satellite Spencer office. Schedule an appointment to see Amy today! She would love to meet you.

Lynne Gould MS, LMHC, NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
National Certified Counselor

Lynne Gould was born and raised in northwest Iowa and has served people in various capacities for nearly 20 years. Lynne is passionate about helping others discover who they are created to be and help them navigate through difficulties they may encounter along the way.

Lynne earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and Writing at Minnesota State University (Mankato, MN) and later a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education Language Arts through Buena Vista University (Storm Lake, IA). She earned her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling at South Dakota State University (Brookings, SD). Lynne is licensed by the state of Iowa as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and is a Nationally Certified Counselor.

Lynne uses a person-centered, caring approach with clients to bring them hope, healing, and purpose. She is available to provide counseling to individuals 18 and over. She is passionate about helping people facing life-stage challenges, faith issues, and relationship difficulties. She has experience working with women in crisis, single mothers, elderly clients, and people overwhelmed with confusion, anxiety or depression. She has over 19 years of experience in numerous settings helping people face life's challenges. Prior to becoming a mental health therapist, she worked as a Christian counselor and mentor, an advocate for domestic violence victims, a college Success Center instructor and adviser; a teacher and counselor with at-risk adolescents; and a residential instructor for the developmentally disabled. Lynne has experience utilizing Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, and Biblical Counseling strategies in therapy. Her positive, strength-based, eclectic approach provides clients autonomy and hope. Lynne sees clients in our Spirit Lake office.


Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Masters Social Worker
Reality Therapy/Choice Theory

Wanda holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Dordt College and a master’s in Counseling from Morningside College. She is licensed in the State of Iowa as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and a Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW). Wanda is also certified in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory (RT/CT). This specialized therapeutic certification focuses on the client’s present-tense issues while harnessing positive problem-solving skills to meet a person’s overall goals. Additionally, Wanda has training in Solution-Focused Based Therapy (SFBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Energy Tapping, sexual abuse, trauma and behavior disorders.

After working for over 45 years within the healthcare field, with over 15 of those years as a Mental Health Therapist, Wanda has acquired a broad range of experience while working among foster homes, in-home therapy services, residential and Community Mental Health services. Through these experiences, Wanda has come to enjoy working with all age groups such as children, adolescents and adults along with couples and families.

Wanda will be working with clients in Rock Valley, Orange City, and Sioux Center, Iowa as well as providing school-based therapy in the Boyden-Hall School District.

Rebecca (Becky) Nosbusch MSW, LICSW, LISW

Masters Social Worker
Licenced Independent Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Independent Social Worker

Becky earned her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from the University of St Thomas located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and earned her Bachelors in Human Services from Buena Vista University. In the state of Iowa, Becky is a Licensed Masters Social Worker and is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker in the state of Minnesota. Additionally, Becky is a lifelong resident of the Midwest which has provided her with a strong understanding of the hardships that local families face within rural communities; specifically, among farming families. Becky has experience working with all ages from prenatal to hospice. She has been specifically trained in diagnosing and treating children ages birth to five and believes in an all-encompassing family approach; especially with early childhood clients. Since family dynamics play a large role in everyday life, Becky holds a strong interest in working with couples and families as well.

Nosbusch details, “Regardless of age, I believe in being creative throughout the therapeutic process. The use of art, music, meditation, mindfulness and other nontraditional approaches are something that I love and truly enjoy incorporating into my work with every client.”

Becky is also trained in Natural Lifemanship. This type of therapeutic process highlights the educational components of trauma and how it affects the human brain. Natural Lifemanship, additionally, focuses individual connections and how such connections can be nurtured within a person's home, occupation and community. Regardless of where a person is in their life, from crisis to maintenance, Becky is eager to speak with you and discuss your individual needs. She believes in meeting people wherever they are in their therapeutic journey and building upon a client's strengths to achieve their overall goals.

Nosbusch will be working with clients in Estherville, Iowa as well as providing school-based therapy within the Estherville Lincoln Central School District.

Whitney Gray t-LMHC, tCADAC, NCC

Temporary Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Temporary Certified Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor
National Certified Counselor

Whitney earned her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University located in Lynchburg, VA. She also earned her B.A. from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA while triple majoring in Human Services, Sociology, and Criminology. Whitney has a passion for working with multiple populations. Whitney has experience in working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, trauma, addiction, and adolescents as well as school-aged children in residential and treatment settings. She has five years of experience in working with children and adolescents ranging from working in school systems, youth shelters, and program-specific adolescent treatment programs.

Throughout her professional experiences, Whitney has practiced many modalities such as Motivational Interviewing, Seeking Safety, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Whitney has also provided services for suicidal/crisis intervention, traumatic brain injury clients, clients in residential settings, and multiple age groups. Her main approach encompasses an eclectic stance that includes humanistic theory, a holistic view, and trauma-informed care with an overall purpose of instilling hope with each of her clients. Her theories are based on viewing an individual in their many components, but all of which equal a whole being. She values the uniqueness of each piece to a person’s whole. It is her goal to unite the body, self, and spirit through greater interpersonal insight by increasing cognitive flexibility, acceptance, self-compassion, and emotion regulation.

Madison Sweet LISW

Licensed Independent Social Worker

Madison Sweet is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist who provides supervisory support with Champion State of Mind. She attended Iowa State University for her undergraduate degree and University of Northern Iowa for her graduate degree. Madison is trained in Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has extensive training in play-therapy techniques, sand tray techniques, and CBT. Madison has worked as a clinician for the past five years as a school-based therapist. Her main approach is a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma informed care. She values building connections with the students and families that she works with and finding an integrated approach that fits best. She is passionate about studying trauma and how trauma affects the brain, heart, and body.