Champion Families


Strengthening Families Starts Here!

Champion Families is a four to six week evidence-based, family systems program designed to provide supportive resources that families can use on an ongoing basis to promote healthy relationships. Families will work together to learn about individual family roles, attachment styles, communication strategies, and age-appropriate expectations. Additionally, through the use of various assessments, including the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Assessment, families will be led and assessed by a professional counselor throughout each stage of the program with the ultimate goal of promoting connection and meaningful experiences within the entire family unit.

Reasons why Champion Families may be right for you:

  • Frustration between parent/caregiver and child
  • Oppositional behaviors within the family unit
  • History of trauma and/or abuse in the family
  • Recent changes within the family which have caused tension
    (new marriage, divorce, moving, birth of a child, etc...)
  • In need of co-parenting education/support
  • DHS (Department of Human Services) involvement
  • JCS (Juvenile Court Services) involvement
  • Medical involvement (mental health or physical health)
  • Families wishing to improvement their overall connection and communication

Insurance and self-pay are accepted for this program. Champion Families can also be completed either online or in person. A certificate of completion will be presented to the family at the end of this program.

Please call us at 1-800-592-0180 ext 1 and request an appointment today to enroll in Champion Families. You may also visit us HERE and request in the Comments section that you would like to be enrolled in the Champion Families Program.

For questions related to Champion Families contact:
Rebecca (Becky) Nosbusch MSW, LICSW, LISW
Champion Families Director
1-800-592-0180 ext 1